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From 1950 to the 1980s the firm of G P Trenthams was Purley's major employer. They were based in the what is now the Crown Green development around Sherwood Rise having taken over the property from the South Berks Hunt.

As well as being major employers they were also major benefactors to Purley and were always ready to assist almost any project of community benefit.

Nothing remains save their former Head office now Bowling Green Farmhouse, Trenthams Bowling Club and The Barn which was moved from the site to Goosecroft.

Here are links to some of the many articles published about them

The Trentham Story As told by Peter Trentham to John Chapman

Trenthams by Rita Denman, a former employee

Trenthams and the Railway about the Sherwoods and the GWR

The Purley Remount Depot about the use of the barn in WW1

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