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Roads and Maps of Purley

Maps will tell you where things are and roads provide the connections between places. Project Purley has accululated a large collection of maps which are listed below.

The roads of Purley fall into three distinct categories:-

Modern Roads travelled by cars etc passing through the parish. Most of these have a very long history.

Footpaths and bridleways used by today's walkers

Old Roads and pathways which have now disappeared

This section will lead you to articles about the maps and roads of Purley and you might like to first get an overview of the subject

Roads and Pathways of Purley

Maps and aerial photos

Maps come in all shapes and sizes and at differing scales and of differing dates so they show a great deal of history when viewed together. For an overview of the maps and aerial photographs relating to Purley go to:

Maps and aerial photographs of Purley

We divide maps into the following groups. Click on one of the headings to see a list. Please note that this is work in progress and the lists are nowhere near complete:-

Ancient maps of Berkshire which include Purley

Ancient large scale maps of Purley or its parts

Ordnance Survey Maps

Modern maps indicating resources

Aerial Photographs


The articles relating to roads are:-

The Turnpike

Ancient Ways of Purley


The Village Street

Long Lane

Sulham Lane

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