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The Built Environment

The North West Quadrant

The north West Quadrant has Purley Rise as its southern boundary, Pangbourne as its western boundary, Purley Lane as its eastern boundary and the River Thames as its northern boundary. It includes much of the lands of the ancient manor of Purley Parva as well as lands of La Hyde. A large strip adjacent to Purley Lane was donated to Reading Abbey around 1190 and after the Reformation came into the hands of the Earls of Shannon which included the Boyle family. All the land to the west of the Sul Brook was ceded to Pangbourne in the parish boundary adjustments of 1998.

Until 1882 large areas were regarded as parts of Whitchurch Parish or Sulham Parish. This was as a result of sharing of meadow lands.

Listed buildings:-

Purley Lodge
Scraces / Springs Farm
Tudor Barn at Westbury
Westbury Farm

Buildings which no longer exist

Corner Barn at Westbury
The gravel railway
Fisherman's Hut at Westbury
The Garden House
Marsh Farm
Small Barn at Westbury
Tiled Barn at Westbury
Well Cottages
Westbury Vineyard

Buildings which still exist

The Aldermaston Pipe Line
The Memorial Hall
Barns at Scraces Farm

Modern estates

The Refuse Tip
The Purley Rise Estate
The Sewage Station

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