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The Built Environment

The South West Quadrant

The south west Quadrant is bounded by Long Lane to the east, the parishes of Tilehurst and Sulham to the south, by Pangbourne to the west and by Purley Rise to the north. It includes lands of La Hyde, latterly Purley Hall and Sulham Home Farm) and what we believe to be the ancient manor of Burley which is mentioned in Domesday but remains officially unidentified.

Listed buildings:-

Bowling Green Farmhouse
Milestone Purley
Milestone Pangbourne
Yew Tree Cottage
Purley Hall
Purley Hall Lodge Gates
Sulham Home Farm Barn and Mill
The Temple

Buildings which no longer exist

Statue in the woods

Buildings which still exist

The Barn
Kirtons Farm
Lichfield Cottage
Sulham Home Farmhouse
Sulham Home Farm Cottages

Modern Estates

Crown Green
Beech Road
Development to the west of Long Lane
Sulham Industrial Estate

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