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The Built Environment

North East Quadrant

The North East Quadrant comprises mostly lands of the ancient manor of Purley Magna and the original settlement of Purley. It is bounded to the south by Oxford Road, to the west by Purley Lane and to the north and east by the River Thames.

Listed buildings:-

Canning Tomb
Ivy Cottages
Jasmine Cottages
Purley Park Mansion
Purley Park Wall
Roebuck Inn
Sherwood Tomb
St Mary's Church
WW2 Pill Box

Buildings which no longer exist

The Boathouse
The Gardeners Cottage
Old Home Farm Purley
Old Lock Cottage
The Manor House
The Middle Rectory
The Old Rectory
The Red Lyon

Buildings which still exist

New Lock Cottage
Roebuck Ferry Cottage
Purley Lodge Cottage
The Cottage

Modern estates

The Marina
The Modern Purley Magna Estate
Purley Beeches
Purley Park River Estate
Purley Park Trust Housing
St Mary's Ave Council Estate
Purley Village
Westridge development
Modern Home Farm

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