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Places with Purley Connections


In this section we set out the information which establishes links between Purley and other places. This can work two ways. In many cases one needs to look at records of other counties and parishes in order to complete the story of Purley, in other cases the records we have gathered on Purley may be of interest to local historians of other parishes.

These connections take many forms so we have pages for several different types of connection:-

Our Neighbours
Generally Purley has had very close connections with its neighbours

Church Exchanges
Purley's name is often linked with other parishes when we exchanged rectors with other churches. This was a common practice in the 14th and 15th centuries but persisted even to the 20th century. However whenever one of our rectors moved to or came from another parish a connection was made.

Absentee Landlords
Very few of Purley's Lords of the Manor actually resided in the village. They mostly operated from their principal manor and Purley was regarded as just a minor outpost.

Baptisms, Marriage and Burials
Many well established Purley people appear in the registers of other parishes. Equally many people who were baptised, buried or married at Purley came from or went to other places.

Comings and Goings
There are many other connections established as people went about their business.

Places with similar names
Finally there is a section dealing with other places named Purley or places with names similar to Purley. This obviously gives rise to possible confusion in the records and events relating to our Purley are recorded as having applied to the other place or vice versa.

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