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Obituaries - Letter H

Hughes - Terance and Florence (PPJ May 2014) by Janet Southall - After serving in the RAF during the war, Terry got a job at Woodley aerodrome and he and Florrie lived in Woodley, moving there from London. They later moved to Purley and pursued their hobbies of walking and dancing. Florrie was a good cook and joined the WI and was a regular churchgoer at St Mary's. The couple had two children, a daughter, Pat, in Kenilworth and a son, Nigel, in Southampton. They enjoyed holidays, particularly in Lisbon in recent years and were very proud of their grandchildren. When Florrie was diagnosed with Alzheimers, Terry devoted himself to her care at home in the village until he could no longer manage her care alone and she went into Riverview until she died in March this year. Terry had died last year. In 2006 they joined the Singing for the Brain group in St Mary's and even when Florrie was in Riverview, Terry continued to go to the group, writing lovely and moving poems often about how important the group became in their life.

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