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The Project Purley Archive

The Project Purley Archive consists of a large number of both physical items and electronic items (stored on a master computer). The Archive is in three parts:-

a physical archive of documents, press cuttings, archaeological finds, display boards and lots more. Kept mainly in our cupboard at the Barn but lots still in members homes.

an electronic archive - a mixture of PDFs JPGs and a few other electronic types held on a master computer. Material may be provided by e-mail or by a memory stick to members.

web pages - a mixture of html pages which provide links to other web pages and pdf pages which contain articles about various aspects of Purley.

Some of the content may appear in more than one section but with a different reference.

There is a comprehensive index to the material but at the moment is is held as a Microsft Access file. This can be made available to members who have the appropriate software.

It is searchable either by key word search or a themed tree search.

The archive has been accumulating ever since 1982 when the society was founded. Most of it has languished in members' houses but now that we have a place to store material we are gradually accessioning and indexing it. All items are given a six figure reference number preceded by a key letter which indicatyes where it may be found - It includes:-

M - Electronic versions of Photographs and images (section M)

N - Physical items which can be held in an A3, A4 or A5 binder

K - Display boards which have been produced over the years for various exhibitions

J - Copies of Project Purley Newsletters and Journals

Copies of Purley Parish Magazines

Q - Miscellaneous objects

R - Electronic versions of published articles about Purley

P - Physical and electronic press cuttings

T Transcripts or copies of historic documents

Access to the archive is limited at the moment although members may be allowed to use or borrow material.

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