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Purley on Thames is a parish just to the west of Reading and bounded on the north by the River Thames. Over the years boundaries have changed and nowadays the Civil Parish is not quite the same as the Ecclesiastical Parish. Parts of the civil parish were ceded to Pangbourne in 1978 and part of the ecclesiastical parish is the Denefield ward of Tilehurst Civil Parish.

Project Purley is the local history society for the parish and we include both the Denefield ward of the civil parish of Tilehurst and the parts of Pangbourne which originally were parts of Purley as well as taking a keen interest in all our neighbours: Reading, Tilehurst, Sulham, Tidmarsh, Pangbourne, Whitchurch and Mapledurham.

This is a website of two halves. The main half is run by Wordpress and is where you first entered. So if you wish to return to that Homepage CLICK HERE

This half of the site is devoted mainly to providing access to a large number of articles and documents which have been produced as a result of Project Purley Members' researches.

There are three types of pages. The type you are on now is a web page and usually it has two panels with links. The links in the panel to the left are the same no matter which web page you are on. Those in the main panel to the right can take you either to another web page on this site, or to a web page on another site or to a document.

Document pages are of two types. Mainly they are in portable document format (PDF) so the text can easily be copied or downloaded. However when we do not have a digital text the document will be merely a photocopy of an original page in JPG format.

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